Françoiz Breut, des rivages sibyllins


Documentary film | 52 min | 2016

Synopsis :
From Brussels to Paris passing through Bristol, the director Coralie Martin has followed Françoiz and his colleagues for a year and a half during the creation of their new album.

The first chords were born in autumn. Françoiz’s voice defies gravity, Stephane’s guitar seeks to touch the summit. The energy of the band feeds the nuances of the new album about to be born.
On board of an ark populated by sibylline animals, Françoiz embarks with his musicians heading to England.

Directed by Coralie Martin
Produced by Girelle Production / TV Tours Val de Loire / BIP TV
Picture : Philippe Leguy, Ludovic Vieuille, Coralie Martin
Sound: Nicolas Joly
Editing: Marine De Contes
Sound editing and mix: Alejandra Molina
Color grading: Denis Boisset

December 2017: Scène du Canal, Paris
July 2018: 109, Nice.
December 2018 : médiathèque de Bagnols-sur-Cèze
October 2016 : PointCulture à Bruxelles, Belgique
April 2017: Institut français, Barcelone, Spain