Lost steps talking


Documentary film | 40 min | 2015

How do you pass the time when you’re locked outside?
Every day, Thérèse, Bakhta and Sayda have to invent some way of occupying the hours that slip away from them, until they can go back to the hostel, at 7 p.m.

Directed by Coralie Martin
Produced by L’Image d’après / Lyon Capital TV / TV Tours Val de Loire
D.O.P: Ludivine Large-Bessette
Sound: Coralie Martin
Editing: Saskia Berthod
Sound editing: Carole Verner
Mix: Laure Arto
Color grading: Paul Champart

Shot with : Ikonoskop A-CAM DII

Selection : Traces de vie Festival 2016

Screening :

– February 2016 : at the Volapük in Tours (France)
– March 2016 : French Institute of Barcelona and Commune Image (Paris)
– Novembre 2016 : Cinémathèque of Grenoble, Cinema the Comoedia in Lyon
Cinema Le Navire in Aubenas (France), Cinema Le Petit
Casino in Saint-Aignan-sur-cher (France)